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    Hey! I'm Danielle, you can call me Dani. I am a full time Photographer in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan- but I love to travel to capture people in love. I LOVE coffee, cats and have a small obsession with Michael Kors. Thank you for visiting the Blog. I specializing in wedding and boudoir photography. I am always posting new and exciting things. So, stop by often, stay awhile and leave comments so I know that you were here!

I only photograph a very select few maternity sessions each year, but I couldn’t say no to these two. This is Amy, one of my second shooters and her husband. They are expecting their first child. I asked Colin why Amy will make the best mother in the world. He replied: She will be the best mother because she already takes wonderful care of me. It was very hard to keep it together after that. I hid behind my camera for a bit until my tears dried.


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As she said her vows you could hear her voice quiver. Then she took a deep breath. Trying to get out the words promising her love forever to the man who stood before her. Instead her eyes welled up with tears and they started to stream down her face. She smiled at him. Almost as an apology for the delay. Without hesitation he brought his had to her face to catch her falling tears. A silent way to say ‘take your time, we have forever’.⠀


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I can’t believe I haven’t shared this quick wedding preview with you yet! I have photographed a February wedding every year for the past three years. I love winter weddings. The light is always beautiful. If you are lucky you may just end up with some fluffy snow in your images. This year however things were different. We had a warm day. The expected -40 turned out to be -4. It allowed us to stay outdoors a little more and get some wonderful images of this stunning couple.


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